Comenius programme 2020: 2-day writing sessions for applicants

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On various dates in June and July the Netherlands Initiative for Educational Research (NRO) organized information meetings about the Comenius programme. These meetings were meant for teachers in higher education who are considering to apply for the Comenius scholarships in 2020. Next to general information about the design of the Comenius programme, the three scholarships and the submission and assessment procedures, participants were also given a taste of the writing sessions that will take place in August and September. The writing sessions offer explicit writing time and tools for writing an Comenius application. Registration is open now!


This fall 2019, NRO will offer free 2-day writing session to teachers from universities of applied sciences (UAS) who want to apply for a Comenius Teaching or Senior Fellow in 2020. The sessions are meant to support these applicants in writing a high-quality application and to increase the number of granted UAS Teaching Fellows and Senior Fellows.

  • Interested in applying for a Comenius grant?
  • Specifically, a Teaching Fellow or Senior Fellow?
  • Can you use some time to focus, discuss and get feedback on your project?


Applicants from universities of applied sciences have priority. Applicants from research universities can sign up too. If a 2-day session is not full, the session is open to applicants from research universities (first come, first served policy). The maximum number of participants per 2-day session is 10 people.  So, don’t forget to sign up soon!


We’ll discuss the common issues with Comenius applications and provide you with practical tips and tricks. With short exercises, project pitches, peer- and expert feedback and (finally!) time to write and focus, you’ll give your application a boost! The writing sessions will help you refine

  • the innovative character,
  • theoretical background,
  • internal consistency and
  • evaluation of your project plan.

Aside from a great project plan (which can also be useful if you don’t get the grant and want to continue with the project anyway), you’ll meet like-minded people and expand your professional network.


Dates Location Language Sign up Deadline registration
August 19 & 20 Eindhoven Dutch Registration form August 6
August 22 & 23 Amsterdam Dutch Registration form August 6
August 26 & 27 Groningen Dutch Registration form August 6
August 29 & 30 Groningen English Registration form August 16
September 2 & 3 Enschede Dutch Registration form August 16
September 5 & 6 Utrecht Dutch Registration form August 16
September 16 & 17 Den Haag Dutch Registration form September 3
September 19 & 20 Amsterdam English Registration form September 3

Time: 10:00-16:00. Specific locations will follow. Lunch is provided.

How does it work?

Once the registration has been opened, you can register for one of the two-day writing sessions via the registration form. After registration you will automatically be placed on a waiting list. You will receive an automatic confirmation. Shortly after the registration deadline follows the definitive confirmation of participation by e-mail (only then are you registered and can you participate in the two-day writing sessions).

To ensure a fruitful group process,  you can only sign up for two consecutive days.

Sign up now for the follow-up session (optional)

Dates Location Language Sign up For applicants of:
18 november Utrecht Dutch Registration form Senior Fellows
19 november Utrecht English Registration form Senior Fellows
2 december Utrecht Dutch Registration form Teaching Fellows
3 december Utrecht Dutch Registration form Teaching Fellows
6 december Utrecht English Registration form Teaching Fellows

The follow-up sessions take place after applicants have received the committee’s advice on whether or not to submit a full proposal. The follow-up sessions are therefore primarily intended for applicants who have received a positive advice. During this follow-up session, applicants can reflect on and incorporate the committee’s comments in the full proposal. Special attention will be paid to the project plan and the rebuttal (only applicable to Senior Fellow applications).

Despite the fact that you will only receive the positive/negative recommendation to develop the preliminary application into a full proposal in November (Senior Fellows: week of November 4, Teaching Fellows: week of November 25), you can already register for a follow-up session. After registration you will automatically be placed on a waiting list. Shortly after the recommendation has been announced, your registration will be finalized and confirmed via email. If you have received a negative recommendation and want to cancel your registration, this can be done without any problems. To cancel your registration, please send an email to as soon as possible after receiving the recommendation.