Comenius programme 2020: follow-up of 2-day writing sessions

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In August and September, the Comenius programme organized 2 day-writing sessions for applicants of a Teaching or Senior Fellowship at various locations in the Netherlands. The writing sessions focused on the innovative character of the proposal, the theoretical background, internal consistency and evaluation of project plan. In November and December the follow-up sessions take place.

What are the follow-up sessions?

The follow-up sessions take place after applicants have received the committee’s advice on whether or not to submit a full proposal. The follow-up sessions are therefore primarily intended for applicants who have received a positive advice. During this follow-up session, applicants can reflect on and incorporate the committee’s comments in the full proposal. Special attention will be paid to the project plan and the rebuttal (only applicable to Senior Fellow applications).

Dates Location Language Sign up For applicants of:
18 november Utrecht Dutch Registration form Senior Fellows
19 november Utrecht English Registration form Senior Fellows
2 december Utrecht Dutch Registration form Teaching Fellows
3 december Utrecht Dutch Registration form Teaching Fellows
6 december Utrecht English Registration form Teaching Fellows

After registration you will automatically be placed on a waiting list. Shortly after the recommendation has been announced, your registration will be finalized and confirmed via email. Up to 10 people can participate in a follow-up session. In the event that less than 4 people subscribe, the session will be cancelled. If you have received a negative recommendation and want to cancel your registration, this can be done without any problems. To cancel your registration, please send an email to as soon as possible after receiving the recommendation.