Onderzoek naar de gevolgen van de corona-pandemie voor de “international classroom”

Doelgroep: praktijk
Onderwijssector: wo
Meetniveau: klas
Regio: zuid
Financiering: lopend NRO gefinancierd onderzoek
Thema(‘s): overig


This project addresses the impact of the corona pandemic on the international classroom. It inquires into the effects of moving classes online on the international classroom. It also explores how to create a conducive environment for sharing multiple perspectives and to develop cross cultural competencies in the context of remote education.

The project is part of the Comenius Project “First Things First: Ensuring a Safe and Inclusive Environment as a Foundation for an International Curriculum” (Teaching Fellowship 2019-2020). While remote education is beyond the scope of the current project, it is crucial and urgent to fully address the emerging issues of safety and inclusion in the international classroom online. Therefore, we are currently conducting an exploratory research on the topic by:

  • surveys of students participating in international programmes;
  • informally interviewing lecturers about their experiences; and
  • literature research.

We hope that the findings will contribute to creating and ensuring a safe and inclusive online classroom in the Corona pandemic and in future international online classrooms.

Instelling: Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
Contactgegevens: prof. dr. L. Plate, l.plate@let.ru.nl

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