Math@Distance: onderzoek naar wiskundeonderwijs op afstand

Doelgroep: praktijk
Onderwijssector: vo
Meetniveau: leraar/docent
Lokaal/nationaal: internationaal
Thema: De onderwijskwaliteit en professionele ontwikkeling van docenten, de leeropbrengsten en de leertijd



What distance practices in secondary mathematics education have emerged in Flanders, Germany, and the Netherlands in the Spring 2020 period of school lockdown and how have teachers experienced them?
Online vragenlijstonderzoek onder wiskundedocenten VO in Vlaanderen, Duitsland en Nederland, met ruim 1700 respondenten in het vo, en equivalent in Vlaanderen en Duitsland.

The COVID-19 pandemic has confronted mathematics teachers with the challenge of developing alternative educational practices, in many cases at a distance through digital technology because schools were closed. To investigate what a distance practices in secondary mathematics education have emerged and how teachers experienced them, we set out online questionnaires in Flanders—the Dutch-speaking part of Belgium—, Germany, and the Netherlands. The survey focused on teaching practices, teacher beliefs, didactics and assessment. Data consisted of completed questionnaires by 1719 mathematics teachers. Results show that the use of video conferencing tools increased massively, but other more math specific practices that teachers pursued before the lockdown reduced substantially. Further important findings are that teachers remarkably increased their confidence in using digital technologies during the lockdown and that their experiences and beliefs only marginally impacted their distance learning practices. Some differences between the three countries can be explained by differences in educational policies and in technological facilities and support. For future research, it would be relevant to investigate students’ views and experiences and relate these to the teacher’s perspective.

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Instelling: Universiteit Utrecht
Contactgegevens: Paul Drijvers,, 06-43563821.

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