NRO has a fixed annual budget of about 15 million euros which it spends on funding of education research. In addition to this, NRO receives additional financial resources for research into specific themes and policies.

NRO funds three different types of research: fundamental research, policy-oriented research and practice-oriented research. However, these forms of research can also intersect with each other, so projects which combine two or three of the mentioned types of research can also be funded. In the table below, the differences between each type of research are distinguished as well as their common features.

NRO Grants

Projects funded can differ significantly from each other on other characteristics. For example, one project may have a duration of a few months, as opposed to another project that could take years to complete, which in most cases is a PhD trajectory. A project could be the work of a single researcher, or a project could comprise a collaboration of researchers, schools, school umbrella organisations and consultants. For an overview of funded NRO-projects, please visit the Knowledge portal (available only in Dutch).

Funding instruments

Grants from NRO that currently can be applied for can be found in the overview of deadlines (mostly in Dutch). Also presented on the website is an overview of funding possibilities for education research from other organisations (in Dutch unless otherwise indicated), among which the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO).