NRO’s international activities

For the purpose of its objectives and tasks for the Netherlands, NRO participates in a number of international activities.

Dutch science is increasingly cross-linked with science in Europe and the rest of the world. As education research both inside and outside the Netherlands focuses in part on similar topics of interest, it is important to seek and maintain international connections. To this end, NRO employs the following activities:

  1. Participation in international comparative studies;
  2. Knowledge sharing in international networks;
  3. Encouragement of international collaboration between educational researchers.

Please see below for more information on these activities.

1. Participation in international comparative studies

NRO finances various international comparative studies, specifically:

  • Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study 2015 (TIMSS 2015);
  • Programme for International Student Assessment 2018 (PISA 2018);
  • Progress in International Reading Literacy Study 2016 (PIRLS 2016);
  • International Computer and Information Literacy Study (ICILS);
  • International Civic and Citizenship Education Study 2016 (ICCS 2016).

For further information on these international comparative studies, please visit for PISA and for the other studies.

2. Knowledge sharing in international networks

NRO is involved in various international initiatives in order to share relevant knowledge and experiences. For example, NRO is a partner organisation of the network group EIPPEE (Evidence Informed Policy and Practice in Education in Europe). EIPPEE consists of policymakers, knowledge centers and researchers from various countries. The network’s goal is to create sustainable infrastructures and processes for evidence-informed policy and practice in education in Europe. It does so by organising conferences where research results are being discussed; special interest groups which work on shared topics of interest; and partner seminars where representatives of partner organisations meet each other to exchange knowledge and practices.

In particular, NRO works closely together with EIPPEE member Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Education Research, part of the Research Council of Norway, specifically on review studies. NRO and RCN visited each other twice in 2015.


NRO also participates in annual conferences organised by EAPRIL (European Association for Practitioner Research on Improving Learning) and AERA (American Educational Research Association).

Open Access

In addition, in 2015-2016 NRO works along with other EAPRIL members on the launch of a European open-access journal regarding practice oriented education research. Also, research results from funded NRO projects can be found in foreign databases, such as the EIPEE Search Portal.
For an extensive overview on knowledge utilisation activities carried out by NRO, please see From knowledge to practice.

3. Encouragement of international collaboration between education researchers

NRO stimulates cross-border cooperation in various ways, for example by offering researchers the possibility to budget for internationalisation costs in their research proposal, by supporting researchers to participate in international conferences, and by including ‘internationalisation’ as an assessment criterion in calls for proposals. NRO is also taking initiative for joint calls for proposals with other research councils, in particular Scandinavian partners, in order to stimulate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

For examples of the research that NRO funds, please see the English summaries of a selection of NRO research projects.