6 Comenius Leadership Fellows in higher education awarded

The first Comenius Leadership Fellows are granted. Six professionals in higher education will be able to implement their ideals and ideas for educational innovations. They are awarded a Leadership Fellow of €250,000 for implementing an educational innovation across an entire faculty or even an entire institution. The Leadership Fellows have been nominated by their institution. They were selected from 23 proposals. In total, the NRO has awarded 1.5 million euros.

Comenius Programme

The Comenius programme stimulates innovation in Dutch higher education.The grants and fellowships enable professionals in higher education to implement their ideals and ideas in practice. By facilitating a wide range of educational innovations each year, the programme contributes to the improvement of Higher Education in the Netherlands. Furthermore, by demonstrably valuing excellent and inspired teaching, the ministry of education is keen to contribute to more variety in the careers of teachers and researchers at universities and universities of applied sciences.

The Comenius Programme has three ‘tiers’

  • Teaching Fellow (€50,000, one-year project, small-scale innovation)
  • Senior Fellow (€100,000, two-year project, innovation in a complete degree programme)
  • Leadership Fellow (€250,000, three-year project, innovation in one or more faculties or a complete institution.)

The budget for the grants and fellowships is made available by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.

Kick off Comenius Network

The new Fellows become member of the Comenius Network of the KNAW. On the 16th of May the KNAW, in cooperation with NRO and the ministry of Education, Culture and Science, organizes a kick off of this network.

The Comenius Leadership Fellow projects involve implementing an educational innovation across an entire faculty or even an entire institution. Basis for the innovation is the vision on innovation and higher education of the main applicant. The projects can give impetus to the education ambitions formulated in the institute’s Strategic Education plan.

You will find below a description of the awarded Comenius Leadership Fellow scholarships, arranged alphabetically by the applicant's surname.

>> On this page you will find the summaries of all awarded projects.

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