Themes Comenius programme 2021

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In these special times, higher education is innovating faster than ever. Have you been inspired to develop your innovation further, and does this deserve a national podium? The Comenius programme is for both campus and distance education. With a Comenius Fellowship, education professionals can realise innovation projects that contribute to the improvement of higher education. Just as in previous rounds, three themes have been established for the Teaching and Senior Fellowships, with a fourth free theme. There are no predefined themes for the Leadership Fellow projects. These serve to provide a boost to the educational ambitions of the university or university of applied sciences, as formulated in the strategic (education) plan of the institution concerned.

The themes for 2021 are known and the call for proposals are available online.

Theme 1: The first one hundred days of the student

The first one hundred days in higher education are a crucial period for students. Achieving an early connection with the course chosen prior to and during the start of the study is of great importance. After all, a good transition forms the basis for students for the rest of their study period. Subjects that can fall within this theme are for instance the transition to higher education, including the period prior to registration, community forming, first-year experience, sense of belonging in education, and supervision of students by providing for example flexible education between courses and institutions, to give them more space to find their place in higher education (the so-called “wisselstroom” in Dutch).

Theme 2: Working on societal issues

Society changes more rapidly than ever. It is therefore of vital importance that education is directly connected with everyday practice. By linking education activities with current developments, students are able to prepare for tackling the regional, national or even international societal issues of the 21st century. One way of achieving this is cross-disciplinary dialogue (interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary), but other approaches are also conceivable. Through such efforts, education challenges students to contribute to solving societal challenges both now and in the future.

Theme 3: Successful graduation

In the last phase of their education, students in higher education stand more and more on their own feet, preparing themselves for their future and transition to the employment market. This last phase of the course does not always proceed smoothly. For example, study delays regularly occur if face-to-face instruction no longer takes place. Amongst other things, projects within this theme can focus on innovative or improved supervision of students, new forms of graduation and alternative final projects.

Theme 4: Free theme – the entire breadth of Fit for the future

The free theme covers the entire breadth of the Strategic agenda for higher education and research “Fit for the future”. Projects within this theme tie in with the subjects and ambitions stated in the strategic agenda.

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